Explosion Control System

Flame Control Principle

No maintenance

Prevents backfire in gas cylinders. The product is easy to install and has an unlimited duration: no maintenance, usable by everyone.

For every tank

Suitable for fuel tanks of cars, fuel transport tankers, military vehicles, service stations, industrial plants, refineries; of helicopters, airplanes, ships and fast boats;

Compatibility ensured

Its main feature is the ability to reduce pressure, extend the inflammation time and thus prevent explosion; compatible with fuels and solvents - heptane, octane, ethylene; - acetone, ketone, benzene; - gasoline, fluid oil, kerosene; - diesel (also with additives); - jet fuel, naphtha; - xylene, toluene, etc.

Sloshing reduction

In the tanks filled with the aluminum net and with the spheres there is a clear reduction of the sloshing compared to the tanks filled only with liquid.

360° protection

The Exco System provides 100% protection on land, air and water. Subjected to numerous tests, the system has proved effective in every situation: the protection is incomparable.

EXCO Devices

Exco products are simple and effective systems to prevent the risk of explosion in tanks containing flammable liquids.

The product is sent to the consumer inside cardboard boxes and the insertion of the product inside the tank can be easily carried out by the user manually or with the aid of a funnel of suitable dimensions in the case of the spheres.

On customer's request, it is possible to request the supply of electronic or capacitive level indicators and the use of our pneumatic filling system for less accessible tanks.


The fire emergency blanket

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Omologata EN1869

EN1869 Approved

our explosion control system

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