Explosion Control System

The best solution against fuel tank explosions

Principle of work

The Exco product prevents explosion and fire inside liquid and gaseous fuel tanks, avoiding the formation of vapors and increasing heat dissipation thanks to the materials and shapes used.

About Us

Our company has been praised in articles from national and international newspapers such as “Notiziario Motoristico” and “El Siglo” (Venezuela).

Risk reduction

The Exco system contributes to the reduction of the risks associated with seismic phenomena in tanks located in areas at risk, and acts on the phenomenon of sloshing by reducing the undulatory motion and stabilizing the distribution of mass in fuel tanks (any kind of vehicle).

Our Experience

We have worked on small and large equipment. We are always learning and growing, so we are confident that we can handle any issues presented to us.

Certified safety

Our approach

Our approach is simple: we provide 100% protection on land, air and water and our products are compatible with all fuels. We offer maintenance-free solutions, you can be sure that your equipment will always work without unexpected events.




"Over twenty years of experience has led us to significant growth from any point of view, especially in terms of quality. Today, in fact, we are able to respond to all market demands."

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